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AUGUST 20, 2019



Boston Harbor Hotel, Battery Park Restaurant Propose Liquor and Entertainment License Changes


Stephen Johnston, General Manager of the Boston Harbor Hotel, presented a proposal to the Wharf District Council requesting an amendment to the current liquor license. As it stands, BHH is only able to serve alcohol starting at 11AM. Johnston has requested that this be changed to 8AM. This would ensure breakfast-related functions would have alcohol availability, for example. A letter of support was requested.

Battery Park Restaurant & Bar and Finpoint Oyster Bar & Grille were represented by their owner Meki Duraković as well as Attorney Mark Grzelak. A license transfer was requested for Battery Park Restaurant & Bar, in addition to an entertainment license request amendment, with the assurance that an acoustic musical option would perform in place of a DJ. Another reason cited for these amendments was so that in the event of a professional sports playoff game in progress, TVs wouldn’t have to be shut off after 11:30PM but could remain on until 2AM. 

Following a discussion among membership, these proposals were later put to a vote and passed.

These amendment requests were part of the agenda for the Wharf District Council’s monthly meeting which took place on Tuesday, August 20th 2019 from 5-7PM at the Norman Leventhal Center on 30 Rowes Wharf. The next Wharf District Council meeting is set for Tuesday, September 24, 2019.

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